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Visor Palm Printer

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User Manual HERE

SPT 1500 Barcode Scanner

Printer for Palm III and SPT 1500

Printer for Visor Handhelds

PP-50 for Visor

Prints Barcodes, Data, Graphics

Ergonomic Handheld Design

Thermal direct Printing

Prints text as well as graphics and barcodes in amazing detail -- prints at 8 dot/mm or 203 dpi

The ABC-PP-50 direct thermal handheld printer will print reciepts, barcodes or anything else off your palm device. The SPT 1500 and Palm III handhelds are interchangeable in the palm printer unit.

There is a 25% restocking fee for items returned that are not defective. For further details please read our Terms and Conditions

Manufacturer Part #
Stock QTY
1ABRPP55MS-HP4155397.86PP-55MS for IPAQ 41550
2ABRPP55MS-HT397.86PP55MS for Treo 180/2700
3ABRPP55MS-HT300397.86PP-55MS for Treo 3000
4ABRPP55MS-HT600397.86PP-55MS for Treo 6000
5ABRPP55MS-K7135397.86PP-55MS for Kyocera 71350
6ABRPP55MS-SI700397.86PP-55MS for Samsung i7000
7ABRPP55-B62/72XX286.14PP55 for 62xx/72xx0
8ABRPP55-B67XX286.14PP55 for 67000
9ABRPP55-B7510286.14PP55 for 75100
10ABRPP55MS-T3397.86PP-55MS for Tungsten T30
11ABRPP55MS-TE397.86PP-55MS for Tungsten E0
12ABRPP55MS-TT397.86PP-55MS for Tungsten T- T2- Zire 710
13ABRPP55-B77XX286.14PP55 for 77000
14ABRPP55MS-TW/C397.86PP-55MS for Tungsten C- W0
15ABRPP55-HP19xx286.14PP-55 for HP 1935/19450
16ABRPP55-HP22XX286.14PP-55 for IPAQ 2210/22150
17ABRPP55-HP4155286.14PP-55 for IPAQ 41550
18ABRPP55MS-V397.86PP-55MS for Palm V0
19ABRPP55MS-Z72397.86PP-55MS for Zire 720
20ABRPP55-SI700286.14PP-55 for Samsung i7000
21ABRPP55-HT286.14PP-55 for Treo 180/2700
22ABRPP55-T3286.14PP-55 for Tungsten T30
23ABRPP55-V286.14PP-55 for Palm V0
24ABRPP55-Z72286.14PP-55 for Zire 720
25ABRPP55MS-HP22XX397.86PP-55MS for IPAQ 2210/22150
26ABRPP55-K7135286.14PP-55 for Kyocera 71350
27ABRPP55MS-B62/72XX397.86PP55MS for 62x/72xx0
28ABRPP55MS-B67XX397.86PP55MS for 67000
29ABRPP55-HT300286.14PP-55 for Treo 3000
30ABRPP55-HT600286.14PP-55 for Treo 6000
31ABRPP55-IMATE286.14PP-55 for IMATE0
32ABRPP55MS-B7510397.86PP55MS for 75100
33ABRPP55MS-B77XX397.86PP55MS for 77000
34ABRPP55MS-FL9286.14PP55 passive- 9 pin serial0
35ABRPP55MS-HP19xx397.86PP-55MS for HP 1935/19450
36ABRPP55-TE286.14PP-55 for Tungsten E0
37ABRPP55-TT286.14PP-55 for Tungsten T- T2- Zire 710
38ABRPP55-TW/C286.14PP-55 for Tungsten C- W0
39ABRPP55-1x/5x286.14PP-55 for Palm m125- m130- m500- m505- m5150
40ABRPP55-CI38XX/HP5XXX286.14PP-55 for IPAQ 3800- 3900- 5100- 55000
41ABRPP55MS-1x/5x397.86PP-55MS for Palm m125- m130- m500- m505- m5150
42ABRPP55MS-CI38XX/HP5XXX397.86PP-55MS for IPAQ 3800- 3900- 5100- 55000

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This handheld printer will print a wide variety of bar codes including EAN13, EAN8, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code39, Code93, 2 of 5 interleaved Codabar, and Code128

The PP-50 for Visor is a unique piece of portable equipment specially designed to cradle the world's most popular palm -size computer - the PALM III series, PALM V, VISOR and Handera. The PP50 Printer is supplied with a software package containing four programs: Print Manager, Font Manager, Screen Pad and Palm Print Emulator.

Pocket Printer Technical Data
Printing method: Line thermal dot printing Power supply: Rechargeable batteries pack 
Print speed: 50 mm per second Environment: Operation 0oC - 45oC / 10 - 90%RH
Dot density: 8 dot/mm, 203 dpi - horizontal and vertical Storage - 25oC - 70oC / 10 - 90%RH
Inbuilt fonts: A - 12x24; B - 9x16 Reliability: 50 Million pulses / 50 km
Pocket Printer Loadable fonts: C - 12x24; D - 9x16   Dimensions: 195 mm x 50 mm x 87 mm
Loadable logo: 384x248 pixels Weight: 420 gr., including battery and paper
Printing columns: Font A,C - 32 columns; Font B, D - 42 columns Handheld Printer Thermal paper:

Handheld printer for Handspring Visor pda's

Included in the box are the palm-sized printer, the AC batter recharger, the handheld printer User's Manual, and four software applications. And, serial HotSync cable for use in the ABC PP-50 palm printer serial port.

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ABC PP-50 for Palm V Handhelds


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